My first sentence was, “No jeans mommy.” My passion for style and beauty stood out as soon I started speaking.  As a young girl I enjoyed trips to the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute, and I still do. I went for hours to admire Jackie Kennedy’s wardrobe. Today all that has changed is the exhibit. My love transformed into extra curricular activities such as blogging for the Fashion Journalism Club at Arizona State University and internships at Phoenix fashion week.

Throughout college my focus has always been fashion, whether I was helping out local designers, putting on fashion shows or writing for publications. One of my most significant experiences was interning at Cosmopolitan and Seventeen Magazine. There, I assisted the editors and helped on photo shoots. The job closely mirrored the duties of a public relations coordinator. I often worked with fashion PR companies to get their products into the magazine, and properly credit the brands in addition to taking care of products while they were under our supervision.

My background in journalism has fine tuned my writing skills and led me to become a creative person. As a journalist you are taught to create content when you are unable to find any. These skills have helped me succeed in my current position at Wilhelmina. I am constantly challenged with the task of selling my models to, not only clients, but the world. I send out mailings about the models with new videos, photos and stories that I have created. Whether or not I am behind the camera, I always have a hand in the creative direction by making the mood boards and hand selecting the photographers and stylists. I believe my creativity and ability to work well with clients, among other skills, would be an asset in all future endeavors.

Six years ago I moved across the country to attend The Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications at Arizona State University to prepare me for any task Vogue’s Anna Wintour may throw at me. Although much of my writing has focused on city news, I am seeking experience in fashion journalism.


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